About us

We are a social co-op from Bologna made of workers who work every day for a free and inclusive society. In order to make every person the main character of a collective growth, we promote the enhancement of skills of each one of us and we co-design a path to independence and self-determination.

Since 2001 we have been giving concrete answers to the social needs of the territory and we work to ensure that each individual undertakes his own path, according to his own attitudes and peculiarities, with a view to social cooperation, emancipation and self-determination.

We encourage work placement aimed at people with disabilities or in difficulty that combines with it the ability to operate to encourage the use of renewable energy. Since 2008 we offer paths of reception and socio-occupational integration of asylum seekers and refugees. We offer employment guidance and active research for employment, legal aid, psychological support and Italian classes.



Social Inclusion Bologna Arca di Noè


Productive activity as a learning experience and work placement

The productive process aimed at job placement has the goal to obtain quality work both from the technical aspect and from the point of view of it as a learning experience.

Reception and Inclusion

From the first reception to independence: a path that involves the territory

The reception and inclusion projects promoted and managed by Arca di Noè have the objective of promoting independence and autonomy of international protection holders and asylum seekers.


Professionals that promotes independence and prevent social isolation

Arca di Noè offers services such as Italian classes for foreigners, legal consultancy, employment guidance for asylum seekers and refugees and training.