About us

We are a social enterprise whose aim is to provide assistance to vulnerable people and to work with them for their social inclusion, fostering solidarity and exchange among people with different backgrounds and towards Third-Country Nationals. Our mission is to support self-determination by promoting access to basic needs for people at risk of social exclusion and marginalization, through educational, social and health services and through activities that can lead to the employment and training of disadvantaged people.

We develop personal projects according to the resources and needs of each person, promoting training and orienteering activities and co-designing educational activities with minors or people with disability (in accomplishment and according to law 381/99 directions concerning the employment of disabled people). We manage first and second reception centers for refugee and asylum seekers, both men and women, LGBTIQ+ people, families, unaccompanied foreign minors and vulnerable people. As leading organisation or as partner of public or private institutions, we deliver services of job placement, L2 Italian classes, orientation in the housing sector, psychological support to vulnerable people and we promote activities in favor of inclusion and social cohesion.

We collaborate with schools and universities and host students and researchers in the field of education, psychology and cooperation. With regard to educational studies, as part of Consorzio l’Arcolaio, we co-design and are partner of the University of Bologna for the master “Educatore nell’accoglienza e inclusione di migranti, richiedenti asilo e rifugiati” (Social worker in the reception and inclusion of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees). We also collaborate with a wide range of public and private institutions and associations, organising activities and events aimed at strengthening inclusive communities, fostering solidarity and promoting cultural exchanges among people with different backgrounds and experiences.




Social Inclusion Bologna Arca di Noè


Productive activity as a learning experience and work placement

The productive process aimed at job placement has the goal to obtain quality work both from the technical aspect and from the point of view of it as a learning experience.

Reception and Inclusion

From the first reception to independence: a path that involves the territory

The reception and inclusion projects promoted and managed by Arca di Noè have the objective of promoting independence and autonomy of international protection holders and asylum seekers.


Professionals that promotes independence and prevent social isolation

Arca di Noè offers services such as Italian classes for foreigners, legal consultancy, employment guidance for asylum seekers and refugees and training.